Eyelash Growth Drops

This treatment will give your clients longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.

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There are many treatments available to meet the demand for long, full eyelashes, but most of them require extensive maintenance and upkeep and are temporary. Eyelash growth drops giving a longer lasting solution, as the body itself works to make the lashes longer and thicker. This revolutionary treatment is quick and easy and results can be seen in as soon as 4 weeks, making this the perfect procedure to add to your portfolio of treatments. This course covers the following areas:

  • Theory behind eyelash growth drops
  • How to administer eyelash growth drops
  • Health and safety
  • Ask aesthetics supplies


This treatment uses Lumigan (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%), a drug that must be prescribed by an independent prescriber. The active ingredient in this medicine is bimatoprost, which is a prostaglandin analogue. In clinical trials and published papers, this has been shown to enhance the growth, thickness and darkness of eyelashes. This drug is used cosmetically to treat hypotrichosis. These drops are administered by using a sterile applicator to dab along the upper lash line. 


This is an online only course. You will be provided with online resources, including information packs and demonstrative videos, for you to complete in your own time. These resources will teach you about all aspects of this treatment, including the theory behind eyelash growth drops, how to administer them, health and safety and how to buy your supplies. As this is a prescription only medicine, it will have to be prescribed for your client’s use. Ask Aesthetics Academy will allocate you a prescriber to provide this service for you.

The total cost of this course excluding VAT is £80 including VAT the course is £96.


All courses are accredited with the CPD Centre of Excellence and are taught by highly experienced aesthetic practitioners. If you ever feel you need them, we offer refresher days free of charge so you will always feel confident with your Ask Aesthetics training. With 10 years of experience in aesthetics, your learning will be in safe hands!

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Course Curriculum

The course is taught entirely online and will cover all theory and practical knowledge you will need to know in order to provide this treatment to your clients. These online resources used will be yours to keep and to revisit if you ever feel the need to reconsolidate your learning, therefore ensuring you will always feel confident with this procedure. Throughout the course, our expert training staff will be just a phone call or email away to provide advice and support, answering any questions you may have. The following areas are covered throughout the course:

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