IV Vitamin Therapy 

IV vitamin therapy can have benefits for almost everyone, from immune support to increasing energy levels, making it the perfect procedure to offer to your clients!

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Course Content

Our Iv vitamin therapy course will train you in all aspects of intravenous nutrition therapy. You’ll learn how to safely and effectively deliver personalised ‘cocktails’ of nutrients to your clients, and will be confident in explaining the benefits of this procedure. Our expert training team will support you every step of the way, giving you advice and answering your questions any time you need them. Over the duration of the course, your skills will develop and your confidence will grow, then you'll be ready to provide this treatment to your clients!


IV vitamin therapy is a treatment in which an intravenous drip containing vitamins is given to the client. The human body needs to receive a plethora of vitamins and minerals every day to keep it healthy, but this requirement is not always met through the diet. Therefore, this procedure was developed to deliver these essential nutrients straight into the bloodstream. This procedure can be personalised to suit your individual client’s needs by choosing a ‘cocktail’ of nutrients unique to their needs and what they would like to gain from the treatment. Some benefits of IV vitamin therapy include fat burning, aiding anti aging, immune support, increasing general energy levels, and improving general well being. This procedure is also often offered as part of a course of treatments, bringing you more repeat business!


This course will consist of a section of online theory and an onsite practical day. During your online work, you will learn about this mechanism of each nutrient used in this procedure, and the benefits they have on the client. This allows you to make an informed, expert opinion when tailoring your treatment to your client’s specific needs. As well as this, key consultation and marketing skills will be developed. Once this has been completed, you will be ready to book your practical day. On your practical day, you will learn needle cannulation techniques and will administer IV vitamin treatment to a model. Upon completion of the course, we ensure you will feel knowledgeable and fully confident with all aspects of IV vitamin therapy. The total cost of this course excluding VAT is £750 and including VAT it will cost £900.


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Course Curriculum

The course is split into two sections: online theory and an onsite practical training day. The theory modules will give you extensive knowledge of IV vitamin therapy and will fully prepare you for the practical element of the course. You will learn all about safety implications, how IV vitamin therapy works and potential adverse effects will be addressed. You will also learn about the future of IV vitamin therapy in the aesthetics industry. Your practical session will then allow you to use all of your learning to administer the treatment to models. The following areas will be covered throughout the course:

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Practical Day

During your practical day, you will use all the knowledge gained in your theory sessions to administer IV vitamin therapy to models. The models will be provided by Ask Academy and so there is no need to arrange models yourself. This practical experience is the best way to grow your confidence with this procedure in order for you to qualify and add IV vitamin therapy to your portfolio of treatments. Throughout the practical day, our highly skilled training team will help with any queries, answer any questions you have. Full support will be provided during the course, and after completion, ensuring you will always feel confident providing this procedure. 

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