Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are the perfect treatment to offer your clients wanting flawless skin.

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Course Content

This course will qualify you in the treatment of skin boosters, an excellent addition to your portfolio of procedures. Skin boosters are a revolutionary procedure that will be sure to leave your client’s skin glowing. The following areas will be covered on this course:

  • Theory of skin boosters
  • Jalupro/sunekos under eye using cannula
  • Luminera hydral on hands
  • Neck demonstration
  • Profhilo 5 point lift


This treatment involves a series of microinjections to the face. The substance injected is a gel of hyaluronic acid. This delivers deep hydration, and improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness, giving a radiant appearance. A plethora of areas can be treated using skin boosters, including the neck, decolletage, dorsum of the hands and the face. This procedure can be provided as a stand alone treatment, or in conjunction with dermal fillers. A combination of different skin boosters can be used for optimal results, as each type has a different effect. 


Upon enrollment on the course, you will learn all aspects of each type of skin booster, and how to use them to fulfill client requests. As well as this, you will learn about health and safety, complication management, client consent, treatment record and how to buy your supplies from Ask Aesthetics. The course will be taught in two ways, online pre reading and an onsite practical session at Ask Aesthetics Academy. Throughout the course, our expert training team will be on hand to provide support and advice, and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

The total cost of this course excluding VAT is £500 and including VAT it is £600 .


All courses are accredited with the CPD Centre of Excellence and are taught by highly experienced aesthetic practitioners. If you ever feel you need them, we offer refresher days free of charge so you will always feel confident with your Ask Aesthetics training. With 10 years of experience in aesthetics, your learning will be in safe hands!

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Course Curriculum

The first aspect of the course that will be completed is the theory. This is delivered through online pre reading that consists of information packs and demonstrative videos. This will give you a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to excel in your practical session. These resources will be yours to keep and to revisit if you ever feel the need to reconsolidate your learning, therefore ensuring you will always feel confident administering skin boosters. Your confidence will grow further in your practical session, where you will have the opportunity to deliver this procedure to models. The following areas will be covered on this course:

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Practical Day

The practical day involves you administering skin boosters to models following a demonstration by our training team. This will allow you to develop the skills and techniques taught throughout the entirety of the course, ensuring you can use skin boosters to fulfill patients requests when qualified.  At Ask Aesthetics academy, we provide all models, so there is no requirement for you to make your own arrangements.

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