Tear Trough Masterclass

This course will teach you how to use your knowledge of dermal filler to reduce the appearance of under eye tear troughs.

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Course Content

Tear troughs, often called ‘under eye bags’, are a common feature that people often feel self conscious of. This masterclass will teach you how to use dermal filler to eliminate tear troughs, by adding volume to the under eye area. During the course, you will build on your dermal filler skills by learning new techniques, ensuring you will be offering the best service possible to your clients. Our expert team will not only demonstrate, but also support you throughout the course, answering any questions you may have. The course covers:

  • A recap of basic dermal fillers
  • Cannula technique
  • Client consent and treatment record


Tear trough treatment consists of the administering of dermal filler to the under eye area, via a cannula, to create volume. Under eye bags are a cause of self consciousness for many people, hence why this procedure is so popular. The dermal filler plumps and revitalises the area of treatment, removing dark circles and giving a rejuvenated appearance, due to increased collagen production. In order to learn the techniques involved in this procedure, you will partake in online theory modules, as well as an onsite practical session, where you will deliver the procedure to models in order to grow your confidence in this treatment.


The course consists of online pre reading, where you will learn the basis of tear trough filler, and become acquainted with the techniques needed to deliver this treatment. The pre reading also delivers theory modules on health and safety, the theory of advanced fillers and cannula techniques. Following on from this, you will attend an onsite practical session, where you well deliver tear trough filler to models.

The total cost of this masterclass excluding VAT is £395 and including VAT it is £474.


All courses are accredited with the CPD Centre of Excellence and are taught by highly experienced aesthetic practitioners. If you ever feel you need them, we offer refresher days free of charge so you will always feel confident with your Ask Aesthetics training. With 10 years of experience in aesthetics, your learning will be in safe hands!


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Course Curriculum

The course is made up of two parts: online pre reading and a practical session. The online pre reading will cover the theory needed for you to excel in the practical session. During the practical session, you will have the opportunity to administer under eye filler via a cannula to models.  At Ask Academy, we ensure you will always feel confident with the procedures taught. The online theory section of the course will be yours to access whenever you feel like you need to refresh your knowledge. The following areas will be covered throughout the course:

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Practical Day

Part of the course is a practical module, in which you will administer tear trough filler to models. The models will be provided by Ask Academy, so there is no need for you to arrange your own models. Our highly trained staff will guide you in any way needed throughout the practical session, answering any questions you may have and helping you refine your skills. By the end of the practical day, we ensure you will feel confident to offer tear trough filler to your clients.

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