Advanced Botulinum Toxin

Our advanced botox course will teach you how to develop your skills and take the procedures you offer to the next level.

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Course Curriculum

This course is delivered through theory and practical sessions. The theory sessions take place in the form of online pre reading, which will ensure you are knowledgeable and well equipped in all areas of advanced botox in order for you to excel in the practical session.  The theory modules cover health and safety, methods of procedures, client consent and treatment records, as well as how to buy your supplies. The practical session will allow your confidence to grow and your skillset to advance, whilst our training team will be there to support you throughout the course. The following areas will be covered throughout the course:


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Course Content

If you are looking to take your botox skills further, then this is the perfect course for you. Our advanced botulinum toxin course branches out from basic procedures, teaching you how to maximise your use of botox to produce a transformation on your clients. The course includes theory and practical modules, to allow you to further your botox knowledge and then put it into practice. This combination of learning styles ensures you will feel comfortable with all techniques taught. During the course, you will be sure to be supported by our highly skilled training team, who will also be on hand to answer and questions you may have. Areas covered in the course include:

  • Under eye landmarks
  • Chin landmarks
  • Gummy smile procedure
  • Neck bands
  • Jaw muscle

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin that can reduce or eliminate fine lines or wrinkles. This treatment uses a fine needle injection into muscles in the areas of concern. This smooths the skin out by relaxing the muscle, while also preventing new lines forming. Botox is not only used for fine lines and wrinkles in areas such as the under eye region, but also for treatment of neck bands, gummy smiles and hyperhidrosis of the underarms (excessive armpit sweating). You will learn how to use botox to reduce the appearance of neck bands, making the skin on the neck look less droopy and therefore have a more youthful appearance. Another skill taught on the course is using botox to reduce the activity of the muscle that elevates the upper lip, improving the appearance of a gummy smile. 

This course is designed for practitioners who are already qualified in botox, but want to advance their skills and range of procedures they offer. The course covers botox procedures, such as gummy smiles, that are rarer on the aesthetics market, meaning you will stand out from your competitors upon course completion. After the online theory aspect of the course has been completed, you will take part in a practical day, where you will have the opportunity to perform your newly learned skills on models.

The total cost of the course excluding VAT is £1200 and including VAT it is £1440.

 All courses are accredited with the CPD Centre of Excellence and are taught by highly experienced aesthetic practitioners. If you ever feel you need them, we offer refresher days free of charge so you will always feel confident with your Ask Aesthetics training. With 10 years of experience in aesthetics, your learning will be in safe hands!


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Practical Day

On the practical day, you will work with models provided by Ask Aesthetics Academy. As well as practicing procedures, you will learn how to assess an individual's areas of volume loss and concern, so you can plan their treatment in order to maximise the effectiveness of the procedures. The practical session is guaranteed to build your confidence in all areas of botox, so you can offer these advanced procedures straight away!


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