Qualifi Level 4 Certificate
in Anatomy and Physiology
for Aesthetics Practice

This course allows you to obtain an Ofqual regulated level 4 qualification in aesthetics practice.

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Course Content

As an aesthetic practitioner, your priorities should be the safety of your clients and providing procedures with high standards of results. As the world of aesthetics is largely unregulated, it is important to have confidence in your training to ensure you can provide the best experience possible for your clients.  Therefore, our level 4 course in anatomy and physiology is the perfect way to start your aesthetic career, building strong knowledge foundations, allowing you to practice with confidence, safely and successfully.

This course will cover:

  •  The Biochemistry and Biology of Cells
  •  Skin Morphology and the Inflammatory Response
  •  Skin Disorders and Diseases relative to Aesthetic Practice

In order to complete this course, you will undergo approximately 3 months of studying. During those 3 months, you will be assigned a tutor to support you throughout every stage. Your learning will come from different delivery methods, ensuring all content taught is fully reconsolidated. This will take place in the form of online information packs and assignments that will be marked by your tutor. Throughout the course, you will have support from your tutor and the highly trained staff at Ask Aesthetics Academy, who will be there to give advice and answer questions whenever necessary. the support doesn't stop there, as our expert staff will also always be there to help upon course completion. The majority of the qualification can be completed via distance learning with the opportunity given for you to attend theory days if you wish to do so along the day.  The only mandatory attendance day will be at the end of your course to complete your final multiple choice exams.

The price of this course is £959 including VAT.

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Course Curriculum

The Certificate provides learners with the knowledge and understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, focusing on the science to support the judgments and choices made routinely by practising aestheticians. The Certificate will enable learners to work independently and intuitively, with science at the core of the decision-making process. The Certificate will also provide opportunities for learners to develop the necessary competencies to move on to further study or employment.


  • The Biochemistry and Biology of Cells
  • Skin Morphology and the Inflammatory Response
  • Skin Disorders and Diseases relative to Aesthetic Practice
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Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the biochemistry and biology of cells.
  2. Understand how cell specialisation and organisation lead to increasing complexity.
  3. Understand the structure and function of the major organ systems
  4. Understand the structure and function of the skin.
  5. Understand the structure and function of skin appendages.
  6. Understand the inflammatory response and skin remodelling.
  7. Understand the common skin types, diseases, and disorders.
  8. Understand the skin ageing process.
  9. Understand the importance of cell biology and biochemistry in aesthetic practice.
  10. Understand facial anatomy and the effect of ageing on facial bones.
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