Weight loss management course 


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Course Content

-This course is intended for information purposes only

It aims to educate the student on the causes, side effects and treatments of obesity.

We advise all students to contact their own insurance and CQC regarding offering any weight loss advice and treatments at their clinic, as there are different rules and regulations for different professionals, and in different circumstances.

Information is provided on insurance, CQC registration and suppliers.

  • Obesity, causes, affects and the weight loss cycle
  • Various Weight loss treatments
  • Saxenda product information
  • CQC registration information
  • Recap and Useful contacts
  • Prescription information our prescriber info


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Weight loss management course 

Welcome to my beginners Weight loss management course. Please see the course curriculum below. 

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Our weight loss course is CPD certified and all our students will be passed of to prescribers at the end of the course.